Thursday, October 9, 2008

Start Segmenting Your Email List Today

Internet Retailer Survey Report: E-mail Marketing

55.2% of retailers segment their e-mail marketing lists, but 44.8% do not.

“That is an alarming number. Combine that with the number of marketers increasing their e-mail volume and that’s a problem,” says Chad White, director of retail insights at the Email Experience Council, the Direct Marketing Association’s organization for e-mail marketers. “As volume in general goes up, retailers have to segment more to be more relevant and bring volume down.”

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated about e-mail—their expectations are rising in terms of relevancy and their tolerance of high volumes of e-mail is shrinking, White says. “Consumers are raising the bar,” he adds, “and segmentation is a key tactic retailers can use to keep their volume in check while also delivering really targeted messages likely to convert.”

To help reduce e-mail volume and target customers with more relevant messages, retailers need not carve out numerous segments to be successful, experts say. Some very basic segmentation can do the trick.

Check out the success King Arthur Flour had....

Sending personalized e-mails to customers based on their past purchase behavior cooks up higher sales at online retailer King Arthur Flour.
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Anchor has recently added an industry leading database for comprehensive appending of customer behavioral data. This along with proprietary demographic data will help reveal what type of customers make up your most and least profitable segments. Along with everything in between.

Stephanie Miller from Email Insider put it this way...Email marketers do have an arsenal of ammunition at the ready -- it's sitting in our data. Beyond the typical open, click, bounce/delivered and unsubscribe metrics, start to take a look at other data sources. The real power of this data is not at the campaign level, but at the subscriber level. This is the only way to move from batch and blast to a lifecycle email marketing approach -- and earn the highest revenue from the channel.

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