Friday, July 24, 2009

Email's ROI

Email's ROI in 2008 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)

Almost half of interactive marketers surveyed say their organization struggles to prove the ROI of its efforts, while 7 in 10 say there are understaffed to do so. - Forrester Research (2008)

55 percent of the respondents cite that they expect ROI from email to be higher than any other channel. - Datran Media, "Marketing & Media Survey" (2008)

Email is delivering sales at an average cost per order of less than $7, compared to $71.89 for banner ads, $26.75 for paid search and $17.47 for affiliate programs. -, State of Retailing Online 2007 report (Sept. 2007

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