Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Endless emails from

This is worth reading. Came in this morning from DMNews' E-Mail Marketing Weekly.

Dianna makes a great point about the low value of numerous untargeted emails. Most companies struggle to send relevant offers based on a lack of demographic and transaction data. has it all and doesn't use it. Shame on them!

Endless emails from Is it some kind of cruel joke?? 8>)

Endless e-mails are not the way to win a customer
by Dianna Dilworth

July 29, 2009
About a week and a half ago I ordered a pair of sandals from and since then, the e-mails have seemed endless.

While I have been an Amazon customer for years, this was my first time ordering from their independently run e-commerce shoe store. So like any good e-commerce store, it sent me a confirmation e-mail to let me know that my purchase had gone through, as well as a follow up e-mail the next day to let me know that my product had shipped. These two e-mails are a great use of e-mail so far.

But then the blasts began... Continue Article

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