Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Evidence E-mail’s Not Dead

Nov 17, 2009 1:35 PM, By Ken Magill

Someone forgot to tell small-business owners e-mail is dead.

According to a just-released survey done by Hurwitz & Associates on behalf of e-mail service provider Campaigner, 46% of businesses with 20 employees or fewer use e-mail marketing today and of those who don’t, 36% plan to begin doing so in the coming year.

“The survey points to a major adoption trend in small business email marketing,” said Laurie McCabe, partner, Hurwitz & Associates, in a statement. “As the recovery from the recession gets underway, businesses that already have email marketing programs in place are better positioned to take advantage of new opportunities to increase sales and revenues.”

Meanwhile, according to a newly released survey by e-mail service provider VerticalResponse, well over two thirds of respondents said they plan to increase their e-mail marketing in 2010.

According to VerticalResponse, 74% of 831 companies with fewer than 500 employees plan to increase their use of e-mail marketing in 2010.

Also according to VerticalResponse, 38.9% of companies surveyed with 10 or fewer employees and 34.1% of businesses with from 11 to 100 employees plan to increase their e-mail marketing by “a lot” next year.

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