Monday, December 13, 2010

Business to Business (B2B) Email Appending

Source: Anchor Computer Blog

"Anchor's Business Email Append Service added emails to more than 30% of our database and saved us thousands in direct mail costs.” - VP of Marketing

How B2B Email Append Works:

B2B email append is your cost effective, quick and easy solution to begin driving new business. You provide your file “Full Name, Company Name, and Postal Address” on your database, then we provide you with an email address for that record. The result is current, accurate email addresses appended to your file. You only pay for records that are deliverable.

In order to achieve the highest match rates possible for our clients, Anchor applies a two-step append process:

1. Data matching using our Business Email Database
2. Email creation based on domain & email pattern rules
3. Broadcast of Welcome Email

Our average match rates for business-to-business projects range from 20-40%.
What are the benefits:

Increase response rates!
• Drive customers to your website, boosting online traffic.
• Communicate better, faster and more effectively with your customers and
• Retain customers by sending relevant and targeted communications.
• Acquire current, accurate emails addresses.
• You only pay for records that are 100% deliverable.

We can assist you in the planning and execution of your eMarketing program.

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