Monday, December 13, 2010

Email Append: Increase The Value Of Your Database

Source: Anchor Computer Blog

Email Append is a data enhancement service that accurately matches and appends deliverable email addresses to your customers' records. Get up to date, permission-based email addresses using sophisticated technology to match and append Residential or Business email addresses to your customer file based on their name and address.

Do You Want To...

• Drive customers to your web-site, boosting online sales?email append

• Build relationships with your customers?

• Communicate online effectively in a timely manner?

• Receive instant feedback on a new or test offer?

• Add valuable data to your marketing efforts again and again
for a marginal cost?

• Improve conversion rates with multi-channel marketing?

• Retain customers by sending relevant and interactive
email communications?

Did You Know...

Anchor Computer has one of the largest email depositories of opt-in emails in the country. We will take your database and append 15-25% match rates.

Email Append is often the best solution to effectively communicate with your existing customers, expand communications to your less active customers, build customer relationships, and increase the monetary value of your existing database. It's quick, it's simple and it will increase your sales and strengthen customer relationships.

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