Monday, December 13, 2010

Step by Step Guide to Quality Email Appending

Source: Anchor Computer Blog

Email Append is a data enhancement service that accurately matches and appends email addresses to your customers' records, allowing you to communicate with them electronically. Appending emails is often the best solution to effectively communicate with your existing customers, expand communications to your less active customers, build customer relationships, and increase the monetary value of your existing database.

Here is a step-by-step guide to better understand the email append process and some helpful tips on what to look for when choosing an email processing company.

The Process is Completed in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Submit your file.
Provide your customer file with names and postal addresses. Define whether you would like to match at an individual or household level, or both with individual preferred.
What to watch for:
Use service providers that will ensure your data will remain secure and private. You should always add decoys to your file.
2. Match email addresses…
Your file is matched to an opt-in email database. Industry standard match rates are approximately 15% - 25% for consumer records and 20% - 40% for business (results may vary).
What to watch for:
Email appenders who promise above average match rates. The rule “quality over quantity” applies with email appending.
3. Welcome emails are sent on your behalf.
Branded welcome emails are sent on your behalf, inviting your customers to receive email from you as well as allowing them an opportunity to opt-out.
What to watch for:
A gross-matched file which may include undeliverables.
4. Accurate and Deliverable e-mails are returned to you.
Deliverable, permission-approved email addresses are added to your customer file. Any opt-outs from your ‘Welcome Message’ will be included, flagged and returned to you.
What to watch for:
Email addresses change and deliverability may be inconsistent. Negotiate to pay for deliverable addresses within 14 days from the point at which they were deployed.
How Often Should You Append:
For optimal results - we recommend submitting quarterly or monthly (according to size and/or frequency of mailing).
Don’t forget to update your POSTAL MAILING file:
If you are currently mailing to your customer file, it is recommended you process a NCOALINKTM 48 Months update with a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service®.

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